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Olhão has the largest port of the Algarve and is a busy fishing village with a working atmosphere, and the city is the gateway to one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region and some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

The city is a colorful mix of sights and sounds, with the sea being the center of life. The most important source of livelihood is fishing, the importance of which is reflected everywhere. The fishermen of Olhão are legendary and famous for their skills - cooking and fishing! Olhão is considered to be the culinary capital of the Algarve, and there are fish restaurants throughout the city that serve delicious fish and seafood specialties. If you visit the city in the middle of August, you will experience the annual seafood festival, a six-day open-air festival where you can eat, drink and dance.

Olhão is located in the heart of the nature reserve Ria Formosa, an interlaced landscape of lagoons, canals, salt marshes and sandbanks separated by a series of dune islands from the Atlantic. These dunes extend from Faro to the village of Cacela Velha near Tavira. These fertile wetland areas, a protected area for plants and animals, are a breeding ground for many birds, fish and seafood, and it is really a pleasure to explore these areas. At the port and marina of Olhão, boats are set up to offer exploring tours in the labyrinth of canals and salt marshes. The environmental education center in Marim organizes hikes that provide detailed information on the flora and fauna of the region as well as visits to the breeding stations for the Portuguese water dog and provides detailed explanations of the salt harvest.

Only a short boat ride away are the treasures of Olhão. The breathtaking beauty of the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve and the unspoiled beaches of the two dune islands of Culatra and Armona.

The nature reserve Ria Formosa is so beautiful that you can hardly imagine what you would expect on the dune islands of Culatra and Armona. When you enter Culatras you walk along the dunes and lagoons away from the fishermen's settlements to the beaches, which are so long that they disappear in the heat veil on the horizon. There are no jetskis, no rows of sunbathers and no screaming ice-cream sellers like on the beaches of the mainland, but the lonely expanse of shimmering white sand dunes and the glittering ocean. The rest is only occasionally disturbed by a shrieking seagull. The neighboring island of Armona is equally fantastic. There is a fishing village located at the western end of the beach and a campsite that offers opportunities for water sports, but as you head east towards Fuseta, you will be rewarded with a seemingly endless beach where you will have a wonderful time in undisturbed seclusion and peace.

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